Grace Liu

Head of School

Mrs Grace Liu, who took the first place honor in flute major to admit in the School of Music in Zurich, Switzerland and then had great influences from Zurich principal flute Maria Goldschmidt and well-known flute professor Mario Ancillotti also from other masters such as Sir James Galway, Felix Reggli, Aurele Nicolet, Peter Lukas Graff, etc. with great honor. Mrs. Grace Liu has taken the role of principal flute played numerous classical symphonies, conducted several concerts in Europe and worked with a few well-known conductors in Lugano Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra, such as, Giorfio Bernasoni, Denis Fedeli. At the year of 2010, Mrs. Grace Liu worked with the well-known Switzerland pianist Ulrich Koela to conducted her own recital and participated a modernist works ‘nine flute concert’ with live recording in Lugano Broadcast Music Hall.

Other Members